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Shine On: 5 Green Lighting Tips

Home lighting has a significant impact on interior design and home decoration. It shapes our mood — it even affects our perception of a space’s size and the colors within that space. Lighting also contributes to our mental performance and the ability to complete a given task. Accent lighting can draw us into a room […]

Environmental News

7 best eco-friendly swimwear brands

One of the most complicated tasks in life is shopping for a new swimsuit, isn’t it? It is no longer a decision that is limited by budget or designer anymore,… The post 7 best eco-friendly swimwear brands appeared first on Eco Friend. Eco Friend

35 electric buses at Schiphol

Sustainability is important to Schiphol. That’s why we recently introduced 35 electric buses to transport passengers between the terminal and their aircraft. The power for the buses is even being generated by our own field of solar panels! Arno Veenema tells us about the new ‘green’ buses. On www.youtube.com/schiphol you can find a regularly updated […]

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Cars | Drive.com.au

We investigate the pros and cons of electric cars and discuss, EV range, electric car batteries, charging and whether or not electric cars are the future. ————————————————————— Drive is Australia’s most authoritative source of information for consumers researching to buy a new car. With a dedicated team of experts, Drive is committed to providing independent […]